The BASY Story

The B in BASY, Belinda Guizar, founded BASY Boutique in 2016 to represent her Mexican family heritage and continue the legacy of her father, a hard-working and masterful jeweler since he himself was a teen. Born and raised in the jewelry industry, Belinda always understood that it is uncommon to see a man like her father among the handful of respected jewelers in Beverly Hills, but it is especially unique to see a hispanic jeweler. 

"He inspired me to step into a world where our culture is rare," says Belinda of her line of beautiful and delicate everyday 14k pieces for every woman, that are designed to layer, mix and match. BASY's fine jewelry collections include personalized pieces, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, as well as one-of-a-kind custom bridal rings, all intricately designed by Belinda. "I am passionate about the history behind a stone, the attention to detail it takes to make a piece, and the endless creativity. " 

A mother of two toddlers, professional photographer, and the entrepreneur behind Beverly Hills’ custom jewelry shop, BASY Boutique, Belinda started designing pieces herself, hand-made by her own father shortly after college. While pursuing a degree in communications, Belinda would work as much as she could for her father. 

Although she was (and still is) very busy, Belinda says that "jewelry never leaves my attention". Her jewelry is a means for women to express themselves every day, whether they're looking to splurge or keep within budget. Belinda always has options for everyone to feel included. 

While circumstances have not always been easy, Belinda created BASY Boutique as a form to express herself, a self-made Mexican woman, seasoned in the jewelry industry. 

Belinda is a strong believer that empowered women empower women. The same way Belinda's father was an inspiration to herself, she wants to be an inspiration for women of all cultural backgrounds, to be whomever you want to be with strength and courage. 

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